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Some Important Tips on Date Etiquette

If are going to be dating, you should understand that there are some definite rules of date etiquette. The first and most important one is to be honest with your date. The ultimate goal of dating is to build a relationship with someone where you trust each other and enjoy one another’s company. If you tell lies in the beginning, the relationship can never get a good start on solid ground. One of the biggest dating lies people tell is that they are single when they are not.

One of the rules of date etiquette is not to talk about yourself all of the time. It doesn’t matter if you are the man or the woman, it is egotistical to be self-involved. You should instead try to get to know the other person. Ask questions and be attentive to the answers. Show that you are genuinely interested in your date. Be open to communicating and connecting with them--this doesn’t happen when you are thinking only about yourself.

Make sure that you meet your date on time or if you are picking him or her up, that you arrive when you said you would. It is not respectful to the other person when you are late. In a first date it also sets a precedent and leads them to think that maybe you are not important enough to them for you to get there on time.

Eye contact is extremely important when out on a date. From the beginning, it shows the other person that you are self-confident and that you are interested in what is going on between the two of you. A lack of eye contact can lead the other person to believe that you don’t care even if it is just shyness on your part. Try to be open, engaging, and to maintain eye contact.

Proper date etiquette means that you should not be overly opinionated or argumentative. You will undoubtedly disagree on some issues. It’s is always best to keep thoughts on politics or religion out of the date conversation unless you happened to meet because you are both of the same religion or both working for the same political candidate.

Date etiquette excludes rudeness, even if for some reason you are totally mismatched from the beginning. If a date is not working, there is no need to continue it. Simply make a mutual decision that you are not meant for each other and depart. In some cases, the fact that you are not right for each other is obvious from the start.

There is nothing ruder than talking on and on about a previous girlfriend or boyfriend on a date. Date etiquette demands that you stay away from conversations about people you have dated or ex-husbands or ex-wives. No one on a date wants to know all about the relationships you have had in the past. If you are not currently over a previous relationship, this is probably not the time to start dating anew.

Contemporary date etiquette has one rule that would not even have to have been considered a decade ago. That is, when you are on a date, turn your cell phone off. Pay attention to the person you are with--nothing should be more important during a date than the person you are with. Enjoy the time you have with your date, and don’t turn your cell phone back on until you are on your way home.




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